April 29, 2020

Workers’ rights in time of coronavirus 3

In the second half of the month, layoffs began to decline, but the number of reports for unpaid salaries or salaries reduced by 50 percent began to rise, as the employers illegally referred to the institute ‘force majeure’. Between April 15th and 28th 2020, the Helsinki Committee received 24 complaints on violations of workers’ rights, covering 552 workers. Details on the occurrence of collective redundancies, forced termination of contracts, non-payment and/or reduction of salaries in the past two weeks, as well as in connection with other violations, are available on the infographic below.

The infographic was produced within the project ‘Improved productivity through better labour legislation in North Macedonia’, funded by the Good Governance Fund of the United Kingdom. Opinions and views stated in the contents do not necessarily reflect the opinions and views of the Government of the United Kingdom.