Free Legal Aid

The Helsinki Committee is an association authorized to provide legal assistance, listed in the State Register of Preliminary Legal Aid. If you need legal counseling, you can call the free telephone line and talk to a legal advisor from the Committee. If the legal counseling requires further action from the Helsinki Committee, you can download and fill in the Request for Free Legal Assistance through our website – or directly in our office. Please attach copies of all the documents related to your case along with the request. In case you are not able to make photocopies, we can do that in our office. After sending the request by post, via e-mail or through direct submission in our office, you will be assigned a legal advisor to work on your case. Depending on the case, and only with your consent, the Helsinki Committee may provide counseling, support and representation before the state bodies (but not the state courts) and inform the public about severe violations of human rights.

Form for Free Legal Aid (online)

 The Helsinki Committee provides legal assistance in the following areas:

Protection against discrimination

Right to life

Protection against torture and ill-treatment

Protection against unlawful deprivation of liberty

Rights to social protection

Rights of people with physical, mental, intellectual or sensory disabilities

Equality between men and women

Right to religion

Freedom of speech and information

Protection of personal data and privacy

Freedom of association and protest

Freedom of movement

Right to healthcare

Rights of children and young people

Right to education

Rights of members of marginalized communities

Rights of members of vulnerable communities

Protection against domestic violence

Right to fair trial within a reasonable time

Right to asylum

Election-related rights

The Helsinki Committee does not provide legal aid in the following areas:

Right to property (unless it is violated by the state)

Financial liabilities (with the exception of obvious irregularities or violation of social protection)

Protection of families (except in cases of domestic violence and violation of the rights of the child)

Contractual relations between physical persons and legal entities (except in cases of violation of rights by the state)

Copyright and industrial property

Insolvency proceedings

Pension and disability insurance (except in cases of violation of rights by the state)

Misdemeanors (except in cases of violation of rights by the state)

Rights and obligations of political parties

Rights and obligations in foreign countries


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Дали моите средства во вториот пензиски фонд се сигурни?

Дали средствата од вториот пензиски столб можам да ги користам доколку не остварам право на пензија?

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