Rule of law


The Committee continuously monitors court procedures of civil, criminal and administrative matters, and in particular those who, due to their specificity or political background, have a special effect on the respect of human rights of certain persons and on wider social developments. The Committee advocates reform of the judicial system through active involvement in all reform processes and initiatives for changes in the legal and institutional framework of the judiciary, always relying on the principles of the rule of law, access to justice and equality.

Fighting Corruption

The Committee is devoted to monitoring trials of cases involving organized crime and corruption, as well as providing appropriate legal assistance to the victims of corrupt actions. At the same time, by lobbying towards greater accountability and transparency of all institutions, with particular emphasis on the judiciary, the Committee seeks to put an end to impunity and to allow criminal liability for all those who, through their corruptive actions, influence the endangerment of the individual freedoms and rights and on the complete demolition of the rule of law system in the country. The Committee launched a special platform where citizens can safely report corruption and receive appropriate assistance in cases of corruption elements: