Equal opportunities

All citizens of the country have the right to equally participate in the societal, social and economic life. To achieve this, creation of conditions is required, whereby everyone is equal and enjoys own rights. The Helsinki Committee has been working actively towards creation of a society that makes available opportunities of employment and education, social services and access to justice for all marginalised groups of citizens, such as LGBTI people, women textile workers, women victims of gender-based violence and Roma people.

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights has been pursuing the principle of equal opportunities and non-discrimination for all citizen groups, especially marginalised groups, who have been facing obstacles and difficulties in exercising their rights. Through a comprehensive approach, we are offering:

– free legal aid;

– services to citizens (including Safe House for the LGBTI people); and

– sensitisation and training of professional units within the institutions.

Through the above mentioned, the Helsinki Committee has been seeking to accomplish its objective of creating a society, in which the fundamental human rights, the human dignity, the democracy and the rule of law shall be obeyed.