November 30, 2020

Overview of the government measures for prevention of and protection against the corona virus and their impact on labour rights

None of the adopted packages of economic measures for dealing with the crisis have fully reflected the needs of workers, nor have they enabled effective protection of workers’ rights against abuse during their implementation. The aim of the state financial support for dealing with the COVID-19 crisis was to preserve workers’ jobs rather than to enable employers to reap unlawful profits at their expense during the biggest health, social and economic crises of modern times.

This overview analyses all Government measures taken since the onset of the crises caused by the pandemic which have had a direct impact on workers. The analyzed data represent violations of workers’ rights and gender inequalities as a result of the measures and their implementation, which has inevitably imposed the need for greater efforts for structural change and a systemic approach to solving problems in these aspects of social life, including after the health crisis is over.

Тhis product is prepared within the project ‘Improved productivity through better labor legislation in North Macedonia’ funded by the Good Governance Fund from the UK Government with the support of the British Embassy Skopje. The content of this publication does not necessarily reflect the position or the opinions of the UK Government.