November 28, 2017

Shoe manufacturing factory from Štip failed to pay annual leave pay and extra pay to salaries

The State Labour Inspectorate – Regional Unit Štip identified irregularities and breach of workers’ rights at the Company for Shoe Manufacturing Bargala AD Štip. Following an initiative submitted by the Helsinki Committee asking for a non-scheduled inspection oversight to be conducted, an authorized labour inspector concluded that the employer failed to provide its workers with annual leave pay for 2016, including stating and calculating overtime hours under the category awards and penalties on the calculation sheet, thereby acting contrary to the Law on Labour Relations; the inspector also identified irregularities in the field of health and safety on the workplace.

The State Labour Inspectorate – Regional Unit Štip made decisions on each identified irregularity and tasked the employer to correct them. The Helsinki Committee welcomes the decisions of the State Labour Inspectorate – Regional Unit Štipand urges the employer to proceed according to those decisions. Helsinki Committee will continue to monitor this case in terms of whether the employer will proceed according to the Inspectorate’s decisions to correct all irregularities.