March 10, 2021

38th Summer School for Human Rights

The Summer School for Human Rights is a traditional school with a program for high school students, aged 16 to 18. This year, the school was held from 14.08.2019 to 20.08.2019, and a total of 24 students were selected to participate.

The Summer School program included lectures and workshops during the day in two terms, morning and afternoon. In the evening, informal sessions, film forums, group dinners, and leisure activities were organized.

Through an innovative approach to lectures, interactive discussions and hands-on exercises, the program has been able to enhance knowledge of human rights and mechanisms for their protection locally and internationally and to introduce a critical rethinking of the concept of human rights as well as the concepts of intersection, multiculturalism and anti-discrimination. Special focus was placed on topics related to marginalized groups, as most case studies concerned work with marginalized groups with which the Helsinki Committee works. Through the youth activism presentation, participants gained insight into how to get involved as active actors in their communities and were given time, together with the team, to develop their own awareness-raising ideas on topics they consider relevant in this area. of human rights. In this way, the Summer School managed to encourage the proactive participation of the participants and to introduce creative and innovative methods for acquiring knowledge.

The school is funded by the German Embassy in North Macedonia.