September 12, 2019

Be someone’s hero! Donate for legal aid!

In the course of the last year, 337 citizens approached the Helsinki Committee to receive free legal aid in various areas of the law. This campaign is aimed at creating a sustainable fund for legal aid, which will allow us to operate outside of Skopje. We aim to meet the needs of the citizens who need such support, but are unable to visit our office.

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights, as an authorized association, provides free legal assistance to citizens through direct daily communication with them. The Committee provides legal counsel and initial advice, and when necessary, assists them in filling free legal aid forms in civil and administrative proceedings. Through its program, the Helsinki Committee offers services to persons with disabilities, Roma, victims of domestic violence, poor and unemployed persons, sexual and gender minorities, and women from rural areas.

As part of the Innovative Funding project, supported by the Open Society Foundation – Macedonia, the Helsinki Committee aims to create a fund that will ensure sustainability of the free legal aid service, focusing on outreach activities outside of Skopje. The raised funds will create conditions for support to the abovementioned groups, through legal advice and organizing meetings with the citizens, thus preventing the occurrence of legal problems and providing free legal assistance for existing legal problems.

Donate to:

Telecom: 143 401

Account: 300000001460759

Tax number: 4030994172337

Title: Helsinki Committee for Human Rights