June 30, 2019

Skopje Pride 2019: Support is stronger than hatred, see you on 29 June!

“The announcement of the first Skopje Pride caused a surge of attempts to cast a shadow of hatred over the message of equality and to diminish the chance of raising the awareness about homophobia, transphobia and biphobia. But, despite it all, we have received huge support, with many people contacting us to let us know that they will walk the march with us on 29 June – in honor of all past activists for human rights of the LGBTI community, with the support of all marginalized groups and human rights activists in this destabilized present reality, and with an idea of a society where all will be equal – for the sake of the future generations.” – with this message Kocho Andonovski opened the today’s press conference of the Organizational Board of the first Pride Parade in Skopje.

Jovana Jovanovska informed about the details regarding the organization of this event: “On Saturday, we’ll gather in the Park “Zhena Borec” at 11:00, and the march will start at noon sharp. All participants will be given a Skopje Pride bracelet on the spot, which will allow them to move freely in and out of the designated area.” Jovanovska pointed that at the destination point, “Shkolka” in the City Park, the program will be hosted by the drag queens Linda Socialista and Kaya Mor. The introductory address will be followed by a music program with artists including Tamara Todevska, Princess Donatsu, Zoku Babe, Irie Scrath, Ana Malo and Uzun Baba.

 “In the organization of the Pride Parade we have received the support of the executive and legislative government, and we have received information that some of the ministers and MPs will attend the event, with the Minister of Labor and Social Policy – Mila Carovska, having her address. Our friends- activists for LGBTI rights from Greece, Bulgaria, Albania, Serbia, Kosovo, Bosna and Herzegovina and Montenegro will also attend, and some of them will address the crowd in the City Park. Skopje Pride is a safe and secure event for all, so I would like to call on the LGBTI people, the supporters and all citizens who believe in equality and inclusivity to join us – said Antonio Mihajlov from the Organizational Board.

The Organizational Board of Skopje Pride underlined the good cooperation with the Ministry of Interior in the past period. In that context, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior, Toni Angelovski, also addressed the present at the Press Conference, stating that all measures had been undertaken to ensure that proper order is maintained and that all incidents will be sanctioned by the MOI.