December 10, 2016

Open Office: Report a Violation of Voting Rights

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia informs the citizens that on Sunday, December 11th, 2016, the office of the Committee shall be open throughout the day in order to allow citizens to report a violation of the right to vote during the early parliamentary elections.

The Committee encourages all citizens who believe their voting rights have been violated to report the case to the Committee, which is located at 83 “Naum Naumovski Borce” Street in Skopje. If citizens are not able to come to our office, cases of violation of voting rights can be reported on the free telephone number: 0800-44-222 or 02-3119-073.

Despite the possibilities of reporting in person and telephone reporting, it is also possible to report events by email: Reports by e-mail should contain a brief explanation of the violation, the location (district and number of polling station) and time of occurrence of the violation of the voting rights.

Citizens can submit reports by either providing their personal information or anonymously. All reports to the Committee will be further investigated in order to verify their credibility.

The Helsinki Committee guarantees confidentiality and inviolability of personal data and they will not be released without prior consent from citizens who reported the violation.