October 25, 2013

Radio Campaign: Macedonia has Love for All

Exactly one year since the opening of the LGBTI Support Center, after the frightening homophobic atmosphere and the five attacks, we continue on our way towards the goal that we have set out since the beginning: Equality for all people in the Republic of Macedonia.

In anticipation of the reopening of the Center in the Old Bazaar and the fifth March for Tolerance, the LGBT Support Center and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia (MHC), with the support of Front Line Defenders (FLD) prepared the radio campaign “Macedonia has love for everyone” which above all focuses on condemnation of violence and giving support to LGBTI people.

Most importantly, in the process of revival of the LGBTI community and continuation of the struggle for equality, the LGBTI community was not intimidated and did not succumb to the continuous attacks, on the contrary, in greater numbers stronger than ever and with pride publicly demands its rights. We would like to thank all LGBTI people who defended their rights openly and with pride and participated in this campaign, their parents, as well as all the public figures that showed solidarity by appearing in this campaign, defending equality, freedom and dignity.

In terms of the preparation and the launch of this campaign FLD gave the following statement: “We proudly support this radio campaign for support of the defenders of LGBTI rights in Macedonia. Violence and discrimination of the LGBTI community and targeting those that strive to improve human rights is something that does not belong in any modern society. By using the radio to reach out to a greater number of the radio audience, this campaign can help change the public discourse and to push the authorities into preventing violence and holding accountable those that perform the violent acts.

The Program Director at the LGBTI Support Center, Kocho Andonovski stated: “By making threats, with the lack of action by the institutions, someone wants to stop LGBTI activism, to stop the process of revival of the LGBTI community in Macedonia. This campaign is our response. It is not a response only by the LGBTI Center, the activists, but by the whole community: We will not be stopped! There is no turning back! The intimidations and pressures are futile; they only make us stronger and more determined to continue our struggle to achieve equality.”

Except on a few radios, you can follow the campaign and share it through our web page:


Sincerely yours,

LGBTI Support Center, MHC and FLD