Women have rights!

The project objective is to improve the mechanisms for protection of women’s rights in the country through several interventions. Initially, it develops capacities of CSO’s to use the Operational Protocol for CEDAW to initiate communications in front of the Committee; to advocate and represent women’s human rights in cases of gender-based discrimination and violence; to increase public awareness among women regarding the human rights and protection mechanisms arising from OP–CEDAW and to train officials in institutions on the standards of the Istanbul Convention. Through a separate component, the project provides free legal aid in and outside of Skopje for women and girls who survived gender-based violence, thus providing representation at court for girls and women, victims of gender based and domestic violence. Duration: 01.01.2018 – 31.10.2019.

Донатор: UnWomen (through EU financed programme)
Временска рамка: 01.01.2018 – 01.11.2019