Networks we are members of

Participation in Formal Networks

  • Network for Protection against Discrimination
  • National Network to end Violence against Women and Domestic Violence
  • Gender Equality Platform
  • National Network Against Homophobia and Transphobia
  • Roma Rights Advocacy Network
  • Macedonian Anti-Poverty Platform
  • ERA – LGBTI Equal Rights Association for Western Balkans and Turkey
  • PRIZNET – new member of the International Detention Coalition (Italy and the countries from the region are members already)
  • Civil Solidarity Platform
  • Balkan Regional Rule of Law Network (Established by the American Bar Association)
  •  UNITED for intercultural action (UNITED against racism)
  • Regional Network Against Homophobia
  • ILGA Europe

Non-formal Networks

  • Non-formal Network on the Right to Abortion in cooperation with H.E.R.A.
  • Network – Front of Freedom of Expression – The Front for Freedom of Expression is a broad platform consisted of individuals, organisations and non-formal groups working as a non-formal network with a common objective – safeguarding and promoting the fundamental human right – freedom of expression, primarily in the Republic of North Macedonia, and also worldwide.
  • Platform against Hate Speech, established during 2015, as initiated by the Helsinki Committee, as part of the project Combating Hate Speech, supported by NED (National Endowment for Democracy). The Platform is participated by 5 organisations, more precisely, the Metamorphosis Foundation, Macedonian Institute for Media (MIM), Youth Educational Forum (YEF), Paktic Prilep – Centre for Strategies and Development, as well as Civil MK. The organisations hold regular meetings, reactions by public statements on hate speech, as well as they attend mutual and joint events.
  • FOR JUSTICE – joint action to monitor judicial reforms and advocate for their enforcement.
  • Non-formal Network ACCESS TO JUSTICE in the Republic of North Macedonia, consisted of 5 associations entitled to provide free legal aid, and FOSIM.
  • Non-formal Network EMPOWER YOURSELF LEGALLY.
  • Monitoring the Efficiency, Effectiveness, Transparency and Responsibility of Media Regulatory Bodies – PROformance Watch II.