April 24, 2015

The Helsinki Committee reprehends obstructions of the right to freedom of expression

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights provided free legal assistance to the civil activist Naum Naumovski, whose right to free expression was today obstructed. Namely, while he was putting up in a public place stickers with content denouncing the amendments of the law on freelancers, he was prevented to express his opinion by a journalist employed in Radio Free Macedonia. The journalist had attacked Nikola Naumovski not only verbally, but also physically, and on that account the activist alarmed the Police. A video recording of the entire incident is available. Representatives of the Helsinki Committee were invited by Nikola Naumovski to monitor the Police’s proceedings. Additionally, the journalist in question also submitted a request for counseling, and announced that he would file a complaint regarding the incident and would petition the Helsinki Committee for legal assistance. On account of this incident, the Helsinki Committee expresses its concern about the restriction of the right to free expression which was suffered by the aforementioned activist, and will continue to provide free legal assistance in this particular case, but also in all cases of restriction of freedom of expression and its practicing.