February 3, 2021

First report on the state of the penitentiaries and correctional facilities in the Republic of North Macedonia during the period from august 1st to October 1st 2020

This report has been created as a part of the project “Elimination of the Torture and Inhuman or Degrading Treatment in Prisons and Institutions for Deprivation of Liberty,” financially supported by the European Union. For the aims of this project, The Macedonian Young Lawyers Association and the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights as well as the Administration for Execution of Sanctions have signed a memorandum of collaboration. The Republic of North Macedonia is still trying to establish effective internal and external mechanisms for the prosecution of perpetrators of torture and inhumane treatment in the prisons and institutions for deprivation of liberty. Furthermore, the goal of this project is to address the systematic problems for obtaining protection by persons deprived from their liberty from any type of torture and inhuman treatment, to identify the key factors for establishing effective mechanisms for protection of human rights and prioritizing what necessary measures are necessary for obtaining such mechanism.