November 4, 2019

Overview of the Macedonian labour legislation

This overview summarizes the most important laws concerning workers’ protection and its aim is to stimulate the public to get familiar with the rights guaranteed under the Constitution and operationalized in a number of legal solutions.

The overview starts with the absolute and inalienable personal rights guaranteed under the Constitution of the country and from which the citizen cannot renounce. Further on, it elaborates the solutions offered within the Labour Relations Law, the Law on Occupational Safety and Health, the Law on Employment and Insurance in case of Unemployment, the Law on Protection against Harassment at Work and the Law on Administrative Servants. In order to complete the list of laws, the overview additionally refers to the Law on Public Sector Employees, the Law on Employment of People with Disabilities, the Law on Pension and Disability Insurance, the Law on Healthcare, the Law on Health Insurance, the Law on Employment and Work of Foreigners, the Law on Social Protection. In the end, the overview focuses on the conventions relevant to the area, ratified by the country.

This overview of the analysis has been prepared within the project “Improved Productivity through Better Labour Legislation in the North Macedonia” funded by the Good Governance Fund of Great Britain, and supported by the British Embassy in Skopje. The opinion and positions presented in this content do not necessary present the opinion and positions of the Government of the United Kingdom.