July 20, 2021

Alliance, solidarity, and struggle – challenging the status quo in the macedonian contemporary labour unionism

This paper analyses the role of the trade unions in labour relations through the prism of their legal subjectivity. By presenting two different views on the legal status, the aim is to show how the conducted research findings impose the tendency to challenge the existing status quo. Given the asymmetric power between higher-level unions and the lower-level unions in the discourse on their legal subjectivity, the paper shows that when all trade unions enjoy the status of a legal entity, the substantive trade union organisation is strengthened, as opposed to the purely formal one. The arguments point out that acquiring the status of a legal entity with the moment of registration in the relevant register, is the first step on the long road to strengthening the alliance, solidarity, and the struggle to achieve common interests and goals for the unions. The paper provides answers on the primary function of the trade union and the legal status of all trade unions. The paper contributes to creating public policies for strengthening the role of trade unions in the protection of workers’ rights.