July 1, 2019

Skopje Pride 2019 – Solidarity, Equality, Freedom

Last Saturday, the first ever Pride Parade took place in Skopje, in a lovely atmosphere and with a number that exceeded our expectations. In response to the great wave of hatred we witnessed in the past, more than a thousand people took to the streets of Skopje to share their support against violence, stigmatisation and non-acceptance of LGBTI people.

Many citizens, public figures, activists from all over the region, representatives of the Parliament and of the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia, embassies and international human rights organisations joined the female and male members of the domestic LGBTI community.

The march started from ZENA BOREC Park, heading to the City Park as final destination. At SHKOLKA stage, inspirational and emotional speeches could be heard by Kocho Andonovski and Biljana Ginova from the LGBTI Support Centre, Elena Petrovska from H.E.R.A., Antonio Mihajlov from the Subversive Front, the Minister of Labour and Social Policy, Mila Carovska and the Coordinator of the inter-party Parliamentary Group for Promotion of the LGBTI People’s Rights, Maja Morachanin.

The first Skopje Pride was broadly supported by the region, expressed through the speeches of: Jenny Karaj – Tirana Pride, Marko Mihailovic – Belgrade Pride, Jasmina Kresojevic – Fem Slem Belgrade, Apostolis Karabaaris and Fevronia Kirkmali from Thessaloniki Pride and Rafail Bilidas – Athens Pride.

The programme was managed by the drag queens Linda Socialista and Kaya Moore. Tamara performed with her hit Proud, as well as the DJs Ivana Dragshic, Zoki Babe, Kesma, Prince$$ Donatsu, Irie Scratch, Ana Malo and Uzun Baba.

Take a look at the photo gallery, which clearly illustrates that this event is a turning-point in the struggle for acceptance, visibility and equality of LGBTI people in our country.