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Analysis of the legal framework for the protection of the rights of the LGBTI community 25 September 2017

The LGBTI Support Center (Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights) with the support of the institutional grant within the Civica Mobilitas program prepared the Analysis of the legal framework for the protection of the rights of the LGBTI community.

The Analysis gives a short description of the main legislative issues, followed by concrete recommendations to address this issues. The...

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Normed labour input will continue to be an obstacle for payment of minimal salary in the future 20 September 2017

The Helsinki Committee of Human Rights has expressed its concerns regarding the amendments to the Law on Minimal Salary in the Republic of Macedonia, adopted on the 12th Session of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia within a shortened procedure. Even though according to the state legal amendments the nominal amount of minimal salary paid in the Republic of Macedonia for the period...

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The situation at the border crossings Gevgelija and Kumanovo for the period of August, 2017 16 September 2017

Monthly report for August, 2017 on the situation at the border crossings Gevgelija and Kumanovo includes the following topics: Available facilities and conditions at the camp and Institutional treatment. The report can be downloaded at the following link. 


Over the course of August, the number of refugees accommodated in the camp remained relatively low, with sporadic changes...

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Reaction to the xenophobia against refugees 07 September 2017

In the wake of the public debate spurred by certain political structures in relation to the proposed Strategy for Integration of Refugees and Foreigners 2017-2027, which was followed by a significant amount of hate speech directed at refugees, the Helsinki Committee felt it necessary to present the current situation of the refugees in the Republic of Macedonia.

Namely, according to the Ministry...

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Monthly report on Human Rights - July, 2017 22 August 2017

The monthly report on the human rights situation in the Republic of Macedonia for July 2017 covers topics from the following areas: Discrimination, Hate Speech, Refugee Crisis and Textile Workers.

You can download the monthly report from the following link.


Discrimination against disabled persons in wheelchairs at the Olympic swimming pool center 

During July, the Helsinki...

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Police Brutality against Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Macedonia Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Following pressure by the Ombudsman’s Office and civil society groups such as the Macedonian Helsinki Committee and Legis, as well as the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, authorities also began transferring or releasing migrants and asylum seekers from...

Corner-aside Balkan Insight

Macedonia Accused of Double Standards Over Detentions Friday, 19 August 2016

The Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights has also complained of the misuse of pre-trial detention. It said in a recent report that it was “especially concerned about the manner in which detention is imposed, even when the legal...

Corner-aside Balkan Insight

Court Deals Macedonian Lustration Knockout Blow Thursday, 28 July 2016

This criticism came after wiretapped tapes of officials’ conversations, released by the opposition, suggested that the government had been meddling with the lustration process. The rulings by the Administrative Court “are probably a result of the...