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​Support for employees at Veibo Group 16 February 2018

 The Helsinki Committee of Human Rights expresses its support for 200 male and female workers who have been on strike for 15 days due to failure of the Veibo Group textile factory to pay their salaries and contributions. Namely, as the Association Glasen Tekstilec (en: Loud Textile Worker) from Štip has learnt, this factory failed to pay its workers their salaries and contributions and has...

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Urgent investigation and responsibility for the case of sexual abuse of a child in the “25 May” foster-care facility! 16 February 2018

Upon receiving information about a case of sexual abuse of a juvenile protégé of the Public Institution for care of children with educational and social problems “May 25”, with indications of involvement of employees in the institution, the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia turned to the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy requesting information within regards to...

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The Appellate Court has confirmed the decision on Kadoro Otto in favour of male and female workers 15 February 2018

 The Appellate Court in Skopje has rejected the complaint filed by the sued employer DPCT KADORO OTTO DOOEL export-import Kriva Palanka, and has confirmed the decision of the first instance court which adopted the lawsuit initiated by workers, thereby implying an obligation to the defendant to pay male and female workers a total amount of 1.430.856,00 MKD for outstanding wages and...

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Blade runners and replicants 14 February 2018

Just recently I decided to watch the old Blade Runner (1982) again. The only things I remembered from the first time I watched this cult film ages ago were the sinister mood and the magnificent music, along with the fable-like, nearly childish moral about what it means to be human, in the ethical sense of the word. Indeed, the film is largely remembered by its critique of our reality through a...

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The situation at the border crossings Gevgelija and Kumanovo for the period of January, 2018 06 February 2018

Monthly report for January, 2018 on the situation at the border crossings Gevgelija and Kumanovo includes the following topics: Available facilities and conditions at the camp, Institutional treatment and irregular migration. The report can be downloaded at the following link. 


Over the course of the month the situation in the camp was peaceful, without significant changes. A...

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Arbitrary and inconsistent interpretation of provisions on annual leave pay for workers on parental leave 25 January 2018

 The Helsinki Committee of Human Rights has reacted severely regardinga case of incorrect application of provisions related to annual leave pay for workers who have been on parental leave, who in the Republic of Macedonia are most often women.

In the past period the Helsinki Committee of Human Rights has registered cases of inconsistent application of provisions of the collective labour...

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Police Brutality against Migrants and Asylum Seekers in Macedonia Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Following pressure by the Ombudsman’s Office and civil society groups such as the Macedonian Helsinki Committee and Legis, as well as the UN refugee agency, UNHCR, authorities also began transferring or releasing migrants and asylum seekers from...

Corner-aside Balkan Insight

Macedonia Accused of Double Standards Over Detentions Friday, 19 August 2016

The Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights has also complained of the misuse of pre-trial detention. It said in a recent report that it was “especially concerned about the manner in which detention is imposed, even when the legal...

Corner-aside Balkan Insight

Court Deals Macedonian Lustration Knockout Blow Thursday, 28 July 2016

This criticism came after wiretapped tapes of officials’ conversations, released by the opposition, suggested that the government had been meddling with the lustration process. The rulings by the Administrative Court “are probably a result of the...