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“My rights as a refugee" - A brochure for the rights of refugees 04 September 2016

The Macedonian Helsinki Committee for Human Rights prepared a brochure titled "My rights as a refugee" , which selects the most important articles on the basic human rights and freedoms of refugees, guaranteed in the European Convention on Human Rights and the United Nations Convention on the status of Refugees, since 1951. 

The brochure is meant to familiarize the refugees with the rights and freedoms which are to be guaranteed by the states through which they transit or seek asylum, and have ratified these international documents. In order for it to be available and understandable for the refugees with different origin, the Brochure is translated in Arabic, Persian (Farsi), French and English.  

"This publication is supported by the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia (FOSM), within the project "Improvement of the legal protection of migrants and asylum seekers in the Republic of Macedonia". The content of this publication is the sole responsibility of the Macedonian Helsinki Comiittee for Human Rights and does not expresses the opinion of the FOSM."

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