Corner Projects

Projects 2005 15 December 2005

Title of the projectDonorDurationEUR

Monitoring and reporting on the violation of human rights on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia Norwegian Helsinki Committee

January December 2005

Human rights Lawyers – free legal assistance

Swedish Helsinki Committee

January December 200512000
Preparation and promotion of a law on non-discriminationSwedish Helsinki Committee

December 2004 June 2005

Publication- strengthening of the independence and effectiveness of the judiciary in the Balkans 

Balkan Human Rights Network

January       June 2005

Prevention of torture in closed institutionsEuropean Commission

June 2004    May 2005

Identifying the LGBT population in the Republic of Macedonia (implementation partner MASSO)Swedish Helsinki CommitteeNovember 2004 March 200512000
Legal guidelines for the national system for protection of human rights “You Are Right”Swedish Helsinki CommitteeJune 
December 2005
Implementation of the Roman statute in the Republic of Macedonia International Criminal Court CoalitionAugust December 200512000
Research: Prevention of trade in the Republic of Macedonia Foundation for gender studies, Bulgaria September Februrary  200512000

Organizational development of the Helsinki Committee, Strategy development and Project Management

Swedish Helsinki Committee

June December 2005


Joint projects of the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights and the Center for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution 

Title of the projectDonorDurationEUR

Human Rights Schools

Norwegian Helsinki CommitteeJanuary December 2005  25000

Human Rights Schools

Konrad Adenauer FoundationJune 
August 2005

Same, similar, different

Council of Europe

September 2004
August 2005

School for tolerance 

SIDASeptember 2004
August 2006

Understanding contemporary history

Delegation of the European UnionJanuary 
December 2005
Promotion of the freedom of belief and religion in the Republic of Macedonia  International Council for PeaceAugust 2004
August  2005
Monitoring the situation with schools in the Republic of MacedoniaNorwegian Helsinki CommitteeJanuary December 2005   2300
Education for peace, building social cohesion among ethnic groups UNICEFJune 
December  2005

Human rights, precondition for peace

December 2005

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