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Fundamental civil and political rights and liberties: Trial monitoring analysis 15 July 2014

This analysis is the outcome of the project “Monitoring of court proceedings in the area of fundamental civil and political rights and liberties”, which was supported by the USAID Civil Society Project implemented by the Foundation Open Society - Macedonia, and was conducted in the period from 1 September 2013 to 30 June 2014.

The focus of the monitoring was on:

1. The right to security and...

Strategic litigation of cases of discrimination on the ground of sexual orientation 20 December 2013

This publication was prepared within the project titled “Preparation of a strategic litigation document”, supported by ILGA Europe. The printing of this publication was financially supported by ILGA Europe. The official views expressed in this document do not represent the official views of ILGA Europe.

The authors of the document express their great gratitude to the Coalition “Sexual and Health...

Report on implementation of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)5 02 June 2013

Report on implementation of the Recommendation CM/Rec(2010)5 of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe on measures to combat discrimination on ground of sexual orientation or gender identity by the Republic of Macedonia

Publisher: Helsinki Committee 

Legal Expert: Neda Chalovska

Project coordinator: Kocho Andonovski 

You can download the publication by clicking here

Visit to the special institutions and psychiatric hospitals in Macedonia 12 February 2013

Report on the visit of the Helsinki Committee to the special institutions and psychiatric hospitals in the Republic of Macedonia for 2011 and 2012

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights in July 2011 started with the implementation of the project “Monitoring the Implementation of the National Preventive Mechanism for Prevention of Torture or Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment on the...

Regional Guidelines on the Identification of Trafficked Persons 01 February 2012


I Main Aspects of the Concept of Identification of trafficked persons

II Link of Identification with definition of trafficking in human beings

III Organisational Aspects of Identification

IV Ppractical Aspects of holding an Interview with trafficked persons

V Identification and data Collection

You can download the publication here 

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