Corner Volunteers


This is a valuable opportunity for young enthusiasts, future activists and defenders of human rights to gain practical experience through volunteer work in the Helsinki Committee.

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia is a non-government organization with a head office in Skopje. The work of the committee is from the area of:

  • - Monitoring and reporting on the human rights situation 
  • - Free legal aid
  • - Case work
  • - Undertaking legal initiatives
  • - Legal analyses
  • - Research
  • - Reporting on human rights
  • - Trainings, seminars, conferences

It is expected that the interns dedicate their time and enthusiasm as a contribution in the work of the Helsinki Committee which at the same time would mean gaining and expanding knowledge form the area of human rights in the Republic of Macedonia, Europe and on a international level, as well as acquiring experience in the work of the non-government sector. The work of the interns will include administrative assistance, assistance in the work of employees in the Helsinki Committee, observation of court processes and elections, assistance with case work, legal analyses, attending seminars, conferences and trainings, engagement in one of the projects of the Committee, etc. 

The internship is unpaid.

Interested candidates may send their CV at:

Current Interns:
1. Kalia Dimitrova 

2. Buket Kara, Turkey

Former Interns:

1. Ena Bendevska, Macedonia 

2. Ljubica Tomik, Macedonia

3. Aleksandra Georgievska, Macedonia
4. Denis Presova. Macedonia
5. Filip Grizo, Macedonia
6. Kiro Cvetkov, Macedonia
7. Kiril Ancevski, Macedonia
8. Dimitri Dementjev, USA
9. Liselot Hederik, the Netherelands
10. Kamelija Dimitrova, Bulgaria
11. Irena Dule, Albania

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