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Reaction to the xenophobia against refugees 07 September 2017

In the wake of the public debate spurred by certain political structures in relation to the proposed Strategy for Integration of Refugees and Foreigners 2017-2027, which was followed by a significant amount of hate speech directed at refugees, the Helsinki Committee felt it necessary to present the current situation of the refugees in the Republic of Macedonia.

Namely, according to the Ministry...

Police officers, their superiors, attackers and protest organizers are responsible for the riots in Parliament 27 April 2017

Soon after the election of a President of the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia by the parliamentary majority, the organizers and participants in the “For a Joint Macedonia” protest, violently broke into the parliament building. As is obvious from the video footage, the police officers in charge of guarding the premises and ensuring the security of the people in parliament, allowed...

OPEN CALL: Granting and Training for Strengthening Capacities of CSOs providing assistance to migrants 21 March 2017

CALL FOR GRANTING AND TRAINING for strengthening capacities of CSOs providing assistance in migrant’s human rights in Serbia and Macedonia

The Programme aims to improve the efficiency of work of the 20 local CSOs providing assistance to migrants, since, as working directly with them, they are in a perfect position to identify, possibly document and independently report on the human rights...

Invitation to Tender for PR Agency 28 February 2017

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia, within the framework of the “HELP ON THE ROUTE – Fostering protection  of  human rights of  migrants passing through Macedonia  and  Serbia “,[1] invites publishes this public Invitation to Tender for PR Agency.

The main purpose of the assignment is to target the population of the municipalities and...

Offensive Graffiti and Swastikas Deleted in PS Gjorgji Sugarev in Bitola 27 January 2017

After the public announcement of the case of discrimination and hate speech expressed through painted swastikas and graffiti "Death to Gypsies" and "Die Gypsies" on the walls of the PS Gjorgji Sugarev in Bitola, which called for violence against the Roma community, PS Gjorgji Sugarev immediately began deleting, i.e. painting over the inscribed messages and drawn swastikas. 

The Helsinki...

Hate Speech at Primary School Gjorgji Sugarev in Bitola 21 January 2017

An informal citizens’ group ‒ representatives of the Roma community from Bitola and citizens’ associations representing Roma rights express their serious concerns about the drawings of swastikas and the inscribed graffiti "Death to Gypsies" and "Die Gypsies" on the walls of Gjorgji Sugarev School in Bitola.

Namely, the graffiti were noticed on 19.01.2017 and they call for the violence against...

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