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An appeal regarding the proposed amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Macedonia 29 September 2014

To whom it may concern,

As proposer of the constitutional amendments XXXIII, XXXIV, XXXV, XXXVI, XXXVII, XXXVIII and XXXIX and in accordance with the conclusions of the Assembly of the RM from 27 August 2014 , we submit our remarks, proposals and suggestions regarding the Draft-amendments. 

On September 17 2014 we conducted a discussion   open to the public to which we had invited persons who we believe have the ability to professionally and openly present their insight into the Draft-amendments and provide constructive criticism. As a result of our own, and the professional stances expressed by the participants at the public discussion, we submit remarks and proposals on each of the Draft-amendments, separately. 

However, in this introductory part we would like to express our general remark on the changes to the Constitution. What we find particularly concerning is the absence of democratic atmosphere in the process of change of the highest legal act. These changes to the Constitution are being implemented at an unprecedented pace, with inadequate consultation of the public and in the absence of the opposition from the Assembly of the RM.

Additionally, it is unacceptable to adopt major constitutional changes without having a corresponding strategy and a clear aim. According to this, the public is not only unacquainted with the objectives of the constitutional changes, but it is also not familiar with the consequences and changes that these modifications will exert on the social life. Furthermore, the brief and ungrounded explanations of the Draft amendments are indicative of the irresponsible approach of the Government in the proces of drafting the legal acts of uppermost importance.

Bearing all of this in mind, we demand that the Government withdraws the Draft-amendments. The Constitution of the RM has to stay an act that guarantees the freedoms and rights of humans and citizens and which lays down the cornerstone for the functioning of the country, and not an act that will ruin the sovereignty of the state and which is representative of the ideological commitments of the current ruling party.

You can download the document containing the remarks and proposals for each Draft-amendment separately at the following link 

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