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Breach of workers’ rights at a shoe factory in Kumanovo reported 24 November 2017

Breach of workers’ rights at a shoe factory in Kumanovo was reported to the Helsinki Committee. According to claims of employees, their employer failed to provide them with written monthly salary estimates, preventing them from seeing the monthly calculation of their salary and the contributions included. According to the Law on Labour Relations employers have an obligation to provide workers with written estimates of salaries, contributions to salaries and extra payments in addition to the salaries for the payment period of the previous year, for each payment of salary, including up to 31st January of the new calendar year, where calculations and payment of taxes and contributions would also be stated.

With reference to this case, the Helsinki Committee has requested an additional supervision by the State Labour Inspectorate to investigate whether the employer in the stated factory has or has not been making monthly salary calculations, providing employees with written monthly salary calculations and with written annual salary estimates.

The Helsinki Committee will continue to monitor this case with regards to a decision to be made by the State Labour Inspectorate and whether the employer will act upon it. 

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