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Open Office: Report Violations of the Right to Vote! 23 April 2015

The Helsinki Committee for Human Rights informs the citizens that by Sunday, 25 April 2015, on the occasion of the local referendum for preserving the outward appearance of the City Trade Center (GTC), the Committee will have established an Office, where the citizens of the Center Municipality will be able to report possible violations of the voting right. Besides the Open Office, the Committee will also deploy observers at the Municipality's polling stations, in accordance with the issued Instructions of the State Election Commission. The Committee's observers will be stationed outside the polling stations and will work in coordination with the accredited observers of other Non-governmental Organizations who monitor the process. In the case the citizens notice violations of the voting right in the form of agitation, intimidation or other, they are invited to immediately approach the observers, who will be wearing t-shirts with the Committee's logo. 

Citizens who have information of incidents or other violations, and are unable to personally approach the observers on the field, will be allowed to submit notices during the entire voting day, i.e. from 7 AM to 7 PM, in the following ways:  

To report violations of voting right through the hotline numbers (0)2 3119 073 and 078 252 812.

To submit notice in the Committee's premises, located on Naum Naumovski Borche St. no. 83, Skopje. The map can be found here: 

Besides the personal and telephone reporting, also available is the opportunity to report irregularities through e-mail, at the following address: The e-mail submissions should contain short description of the violation, location (polling station number), and time of occurrence of the violation. The citizens may submit their notices by disclosing their personal data or anonymously. All reports submitted to the Committee will be further investigated, in order to verify their credibility. Secrecy and inviolability of personal data is guaranteed by the Committee, and it will not be revealed without prior permission of the citizens who reported the violation.  

Finally, taking in consideration the negative campaign and the information regarding the alleged cancellation of the referendum, we invite all citizens who have knowledge of people or groups who spread such and similar information to report them to the Committee. 

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