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Enhancing the Protection of Rights of Accused in Macedonia 23 August 2016

The Public Policy Paper  has the intention to offer a solution for the pro motion of the ex-officio defense system with a mandatory defense and a defense attorney for the poor in Macedonia under the program “Balkans Regional Rule of Law Network (BRRLN)”.

The policy recommendations from the document are referring to several key topics which are subject to research. These are the appointment of ex-officio attorneys, payment to the ex-officio attorneys and competence of the ex-officio attorneys. Each of these topics is important for reform of the whole system and for securing guarantees for people who are accused and need legal support.

The proposed solution requires specified legislative changes but far more excessive changes in existing practice in ex-officio defense system in the Republic of Macedonia. The Paper also proposes deeper involvement of the Bar Association in all segments of the system in order to decentralize it and secure a better expertise as well as more efficient procedures for the protection of human rights of people which are in front of the court.

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